What’s your WHY?

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Talk about your WHY, and how you get closer and closer to reaching it when you know what it is…I got deeper in touch with mine, Personal Freedom, when I stayed in an Airstream earlier this month. I have been an entrepreneur since 1996 — for 21 years– and I have always found passion in what I do. But, the risk and stress of overhead, cash flow and employer obligations no longer fit with the goals I have at this stage in my life. Never one who “fits in” (why I tried to get into a sorority in college I may never know), my career has been a journey to find better ways to work. I’ve gotten crystal clear with my goals. I write them down, and I have a schedule. I use Pinterest as a “dream board” because it’s visual and it makes me feel good. I read as many books as I can. The thing that touched me about staying in an Airstream was the freedom that I felt. Even though my trip was a bit of a hipster glamping experience, I loved the idea that I could decorate one of these things exactly how I want and go wherever I decide. I love working independently, and being able to create my own success — every day it’s up to me what’s to become of the hours ahead. I found it empowering to get a taste of what it would be like to take my “job” on the road.

English professor and philosopher, Charles Handy, says in his 1989 book The Age of Unreason (Amazon affiliate link), “Too many delegate their futures and their questions to some mysterious THEY. THEY will set the syllabus for life…THEY know what is best; THEY must know what they are doing. THEY are in charge; leave it to THEM. The phrases and excuses are endless. One of the strange things about growing older today is the gradual realization that THEY don’t know…THEY are on the whole just like YOU, muddling through, and not very interested in you anyway.”

Are you in touch with your WHY, or do you leave it up to THEM?

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