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What can I do for You?

Career Coaching: We can work one-on-one to get you on your path to personal and financial freedom, whether through entrepreneurship or landing the right job. I specialize in working with women through, or after, divorce or other life-changing events like an empty nest or a husband’s death or loss of job. Email me to talk through how this can work for you.

Job Placement: Are you searching for the right employee? I apply my 15+ years experience in recruiting with the work that I have done for 10+ years in mentoring women to match the right candidate to the right job. Email me to learn more. Bonus: I write killer job descriptions, and can help with that for free if you choose to work with me.

Other: If it’s related to getting women back to work, re-designing careers, finding the best people, or building high-growth startups; contact me see how I can help you to shorten the time that it takes to attain your goals.

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