Body acceptance is just as important to a woman’s success as is fitness.

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Here I am on the patio of my home on Malibu Road — finally deciding to accept my body at my current size 🏡🏖️️ ⁣

If you’ve read my story, you know that I got myself and my kids back to living on Malibu Beach after a very difficult decade that included divorce, bankruptcy, lonely times and a lot of hard work. 💔💳👩🏼‍💼⁣

Some of my craziness that I haven’t shared yet is that I knew I wanted to really go after my blogging passion — to guide other women to find their own personal and financial freedom, but I was waiting until I lost weight to take photos and to really share who I am. Yep, it’s embarrassing to say that out loud because it sounds so crazy when I type out those words. 🤦🏼‍♀️⁣

And all along, I’ve always had three powerful daughters who have been my biggest cheerleaders. And I’ve built my business so that we are living a comfortable life. And I do things that I love. And all along I’ve obsessed about my weight. ⁣

I’ve gained about 50 pounds in the last few years. Well, so what? When I was a girl, all I saw in magazines were super skinny women, and I have lived with the belief that my weight defines who I am. Now, thanks to a new crop of influencers and brands making a difference, I am inspired to accept who I am right now and stop putting off my “moment” for when I hit a number on the scale. ⁣

So, I’ve realized being body positive is just as important to a women’s success as is being fit. Body acceptance is helping me to reach my own goals — personal and financial — because I’m freeing up mental space that was taken up by body obsession.

What has helped you to accept yourself?

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Hi, I’m Diane Prince. I’m a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and single mom to three powerful young women. By day you can find me helping early-stage companies build their revenue through sales. And by night and weekend, I’m working to teach women money making strategies that can pave their way to personal and financial freedom. My first entrepreneurial venture kicked off at age 27 when I founded a temp staffing agency with my then husband. We grew the business to $50 million in revenue before selling it to a publicly traded company. By age 33 I found myself in the midst of success most never imagine, living in Malibu, and enjoying a luxurious life. Soon after the sale of our company, however, my husband and I divorced. During that time, I took control of the second business we’d built together. I was able to generate another successful exit and felt confident I could do it a third time. I decided to take a new risk and found Winnie & Kat, a women’s clothing brand which, similar to Stella & Dot, gave women the chance to run their own businesses and generate flexible income. Despite my passion, the company ultimately failed and the risk I’d taken had left me filing for bankruptcy. My life had been turned upside down. Everything I’d once had was now gone - my husband, businesses, Malibu home, social circle, and lifestyle. I doubted that I could ever make money again and feared that I would be stuck in this new life like so many of the women I’d begun to meet whose stories were not so dissimilar from mine. I knew I wanted to be a better example for my daughters and show them that being a single mom did not mean that I had to be broke. So, I leaned into my natural resourcefulness and committed to finding ways not just to save, but to make really good money. I taught myself how to earn income from affiliate marketing and blogging and even became a top recruiter for a direct sales company. By challenging myself to think differently I discovered that there are endless opportunities to pave your own way, earn a great income, and live your best life. Today, I can proudly say that I’ve worked my way back, this time on my own, and live once again in Malibu. This personal experience has taught me that it’s not only possible to reinvent yourself but that “losing it all” can really be an exciting opportunity to create a new and exciting life. Many of the women who I’ve met on my journey have asked me to teach them what I’ve learned. Their requests and the stories shared by so many others have fueled my mission to change the narrative for single mothers. I hope to use my platform to help other women find their own ways to do bold things and live life to their fullest potential.

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