A Cheat Sheet to Crafting Your Personal Career Brand for Success

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Do you need to get back to work, but you’re afraid that will mean being a slave to a boring 9-5? There’s good news! In today’s world, I find that there are endless opportunities for earning a good living while using creativity and doing what you love. It might take more ingenuity to get there, but when you are reinventing yourself, why not make it fun?  

Whether you decide to job hunt or to start your own business, here’s one exercise that can help you to determine what a dream career looks like for you.

It’s called developing a Personal Career Brand.

Let me explain…

Personal branding is the process by which individuals differentiate themselves and stand out from a crowd by identifying and articulating their unique value proposition, whether professional or personal and then leveraging it across platforms with a consistent message and image to achieve a specific goal.

Once, I gave a talk about personal branding even though that wasn’t at all my niche. I ended up learning a lot while preparing an exercise for the audience that I tried myself. This led me to decide how to use my talents to create my own dream career – I love it when stuff like that happens! With this handy dandy cheat sheet, you can get closer to finding your path to personal and financial freedom too – by doing something that you love!  I call this your Personal Career Brand.

The Benefits of a Personal Career Brand

First, let’s understand the benefits of developing your personal career brand by asking yourself, what would it be like if I could:

  • be more memorable
  • establish authority and credibility in an industry or niche
  • give my online presence a success-minded boost
  • hear about referrals, ventures, and job opportunities?

Do those benefits sound helpful? If so, you must first find Inspiration about Your Brand.

Take it from Oprah:

As you become more clear about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what is best for you – the first time around.

Well, maybe it’s not your first time around, or even your second, but it’s never too late to get serious about doing what you love.

Now that you know the WHY, here’s the HOW:

The Tools to use to Stand Out from the Crowd

  1. Your Self-Discovery: what do you personally do really well? Determine what specific factors are your greatest strengths. Do you excel at detail-oriented projects that others struggle with? What do people say about you when you are not in the room?
  2. The Competition: What information do you have that other people don’t? Your competition probably struggles with issues you breeze through. Identify the overlap between where they struggle, and where you excel for maximum effect.
  3. The Research: What do people want most?  Next, do a little research! By determining what the market wants, and where it overlaps with your strengths and your competitions’ challenges, you’re on your way. And with this, you’ll be able to find what characteristics to start with when it comes to your personal career brand!

Now that you have tools, but them to action. Here are 6 Action Items for Launching Your Personal Career Brand

  • List 5 activities you love to do
  • List 5 things you do best
  • List the 5 most unique things about you
  • List 5 YOU factors with market demand
  • Look for the intersections to identify your personal brand
  • Create a tag line or 1-2 sentence summary of that personal brand

To me, developing my personal career brand helped me to be more focused and to truly live my dream.

Once you’ve completed this exercise, you’ll be further along in finding your dream career too!

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About the author
Hi, I’m Diane Prince. I’m a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and single mom to three powerful young women. By day you can find me helping early-stage companies build their revenue through sales. And by night and weekend, I’m working to teach women money making strategies that can pave their way to personal and financial freedom. My first entrepreneurial venture kicked off at age 27 when I founded a temp staffing agency with my then husband. We grew the business to $50 million in revenue before selling it to a publicly traded company. By age 33 I found myself in the midst of success most never imagine, living in Malibu, and enjoying a luxurious life. Soon after the sale of our company, however, my husband and I divorced. During that time, I took control of the second business we’d built together. I was able to generate another successful exit and felt confident I could do it a third time. I decided to take a new risk and found Winnie & Kat, a women’s clothing brand which, similar to Stella & Dot, gave women the chance to run their own businesses and generate flexible income. Despite my passion, the company ultimately failed and the risk I’d taken had left me filing for bankruptcy. My life had been turned upside down. Everything I’d once had was now gone - my husband, businesses, Malibu home, social circle, and lifestyle. I doubted that I could ever make money again and feared that I would be stuck in this new life like so many of the women I’d begun to meet whose stories were not so dissimilar from mine. I knew I wanted to be a better example for my daughters and show them that being a single mom did not mean that I had to be broke. So, I leaned into my natural resourcefulness and committed to finding ways not just to save, but to make really good money. I taught myself how to earn income from affiliate marketing and blogging and even became a top recruiter for a direct sales company. By challenging myself to think differently I discovered that there are endless opportunities to pave your own way, earn a great income, and live your best life. Today, I can proudly say that I’ve worked my way back, this time on my own, and live once again in Malibu. This personal experience has taught me that it’s not only possible to reinvent yourself but that “losing it all” can really be an exciting opportunity to create a new and exciting life. Many of the women who I’ve met on my journey have asked me to teach them what I’ve learned. Their requests and the stories shared by so many others have fueled my mission to change the narrative for single mothers. I hope to use my platform to help other women find their own ways to do bold things and live life to their fullest potential.